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Please be informed that, taking into account the state of the pandemic that is afflicting the whole world and following various information already issued by some Technical Committees of World Skate Europe:

- all Continental European Competitions, of all disciplines, are temporarily suspended.

World Skate Europe, in strict collaboration with World Skate, will monitor the development of the situation and, in due course, and when the various states of emergency of the various countries in Europe are raised, it will evaluate the possible dates of the various competitions.


I hereby inform, as President of the World Skate Europe, that I have decided to accept, without reservation, the requests for dismissal from the positions of President, 1st Vice-President and 2nd Vice-President, presented by Mr. Fernando Graça, Mr. Lluis Ferrer and Mr. Cesare Ariatti, respectively.

In these terms, I inform that my decision has immediate effects and, for this reason, Mr. Fernando Graça, Mr. Lluis Ferrer and Mr. Cesare Ariatti, cease their duties at World Skate Europe Rink-Hockey, today, April 1st, 2020, and, in due time and as soon as all regulatory formalities are fulfilled, the names of their substitutes, in the said positions, will be communicated.

Until then, in case of need, for any matter that falls within the competence of World Skate Europe Rink-Hockey, you should communicate directly with World Skate Europe, in the person of its president, who temporarily invokes all competencies until the appointment of their substitutes in the positions.



The World is a stage of change, ever faster, more and more vertiginous.

No other sport reflects this change more than Skating, whether in a connection of a jump in the beauty of the Artistic, in the acceleration of the Speed or in the competitiveness of the Hockey, in Traditional or in Line.

Skates have enchanted successive generations and are gaining a growing number of fans, increasingly determined, increasingly focused. And more and more in love. Healthy competition is a welcome step and one that must be promoted in order to attract even more people to the sport, raising it to the level it deserves.

This space serves as a reference and to publicize the events of the Technical Committees of each Discipline that, under a common roof, work for the enhancement of the nobility of Skating.

Welcome to this space! To our site! May it please everyone.


O Mundo é um palco de mudança, cada vez mais rápida, cada vez mais vertiginosa.

E nenhuma modalidade reflete mais essa mudança que a Patinagem, seja na ligação de um salto na beleza da Artística, na aceleração da Velocidade ou na competitividade do Hóquei, em Patins ou em Linha.

Os patins têm encantado sucessivas gerações e vão ganhando um crescente número de adeptos, cada vez mais determinados, cada vez mais focados. E cada vez mais apaixonados. A competição, salutar, é um passo que se saúda e que se deve promover no sentido de cativar ainda mais gente para a modalidade, elevando-a ao patamar que merece.

Este espaço serve para referência e para divulgação dos eventos dos Comités de cada Disciplina que, sob um teto comum, trabalham pelo engrandecimento da nobreza da Patinagem. Bem-vindos a este espaço! Ao nosso site! Que seja do agrado de todos.